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Cambridge Weight Plan Independent Consultant - Dul - Becoming slimmer and lighter has allowed me to be more confident and comfortable in my own skin. With my guidance, support and motivation you can achieve your weight-loss goals and change the way you think about food. Cambridge Weight Plan helped me lose 7 stone* after a life-time of being over-weight. I now look and feel completely different!!. Cambridge Weight Plan has transformed my life, I know it works and would love for you to achieve the same and never look back. Why put it off for another day? Contact me today and with my one to one dedicated support I will help you reach your weight loss goal. I offer weekday evenings, Saturday and Sunday appointments (Children welcome at all appointments) . Call, email or text me and I will get back to you ASAP If you are interested in the exciting opportunity of becoming a Cambridge Consultant yourself, ask me for further details. SE22 0RA 0776 467 7975 EMAIL: LIZDULWICH@GMAIL.COM INTERNET: www.cambridgeweightplan.com/consultants/24371/2/liz-d

Dulwich BJJ - 8 Week Self Defence course This self defence program is designed to teach women of all ages and athletic abilities how to defend themselves using effective Brazilian Jiu Jitsu methods which rely less on strength and more on leverage, technique and timing. You will learn to defend yourself from the most common attack scenarios ranging from having your hair grabbed to being pinned to the ground by an assailant. The course will be run in a friendly and safe environment. A fully qualified Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor will conduct it and our goal is to ensure you not only learn but also enjoy the classes. Pond Cottages, SE21 7LE Mobile: 07540783723 EMAIL: admin@dulwichbjj.com INTERNET: www.dulwichbjj.com

lordshiplane.co.uk Small Businesses