St Johns and St Clements School

Mr Joseph Bell
Head Teacher
St Johns and St Clements School
Adys Road
SE15 4DY

020 7525 9210

St John's and St Clement's is a Church of England Primary School which offers a broad and varied education to pupils from five to eleven years old.

We pride ourselves on the diversity of people who make up our school community and we value the varied contributions that everyone can bring to learning.

We believe that all children, regardless of race, gender, class or ability, can have high aims and that the school's task is to help them all work towards achieving their potential. In order to do this, we will ensure that all areas of the curriculum are suitably resourced in ways that reflect the range of cultures in our school. We will encourage children to respect each other's languages, backgrounds and levels of ability or disability.

We will also encourage parents to share their children's experiences and to offer their own as an aid and encouragement to learning. We will confront and discuss racist and sexist language or conduct. Through the positive enforcement of our behaviour policy we will do our best to ensure that all individuals in the school, including visitors, feel safe and are treated with consideration when they are among us.

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