Goose Green Primary School

Ms Annabelle Birleanu
Head Teacher
Goose Green Primary School
Tintagel Crescent
SE22 0HG

8693 3568

The school was fresh started in May 2000 with a cohort of new teachers and a new headteacher Mrs Pat Ford, a headteacher with considerable experience, this being her fourth headship, the last as Headteacher of the largest primary school on the Isle of Wight, Dover Park Primary School. On September 6th further permanent teachers were taken on and the school has 11 classes and a nursery.

Refurbishment has taken place this summer with new classrooms, and dance studio/music room, a new security system and a computer suite with a network of 30 computers. An after-school club has opened and is run by Southwark.

The school would welcome visits from prospective parents so please contact the school office on 020 8693 3568 for an appointment.

The school is dedicated to raising standards and ensuring that each child will reach his/her full potential whilst encouraging and enabling children to excel in both the creative arts and sportinf activities. Small classes, good teachers and parental involvement will fulfil these aims. The new uniform of grey and green is becoming very popular with the children and is quite distinctive. If you need further information please contact the school.

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