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soacahtoh@yahoo.com Mugu keep off guyman
Soa Cahtoh (Dulwich, London: soacahtoh@yahoo.com) - 19/02/2019 17:52:48

Entertainment Manager. Famous people on books. 7 Streamline Mews. Dulwich. jane@comptonmanagement.com Mugu guymen
Jane Compton (Dulwich, Uk: jane@comptonmanagement.com) - 23/11/2018 15:17:37

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lavington (miami, USA: lavingtonfinance@gmail.com) - 17/05/2018 23:34:06

Could anybody tell me if 191 lordship lane is still standing, my Grandad and Great Grandad lived there. Mr G Richardson They were both carpenters. thankyou.
Valerie Ambler (Halifax, yorkshire: V.ambler@sky.com) - 20/05/2017 17:29:59

I designed a website with many photos/memories relating to East Dulwich & surrounding areas at camberwellboroughcouncil.co.uk I am trying to build up a history of East Dulwich & surrounding areas as it was in the 40s, 50s, 60s & 70s, if you can help with any photos/memories or you remember me please get in touch, I lived in the Prefab at 198 Underhill Road in the late 50s, early 60s, my neighbours were, Mr & Mrs Moy & Son Bobby, Mrs Burns, Jean & Eddie & son Nicholas, Pat & Jean Smith & Mum Ivy, Phillip Ramsey, Mr & Mrs Kidd, Kenny & Andy Chappell, Mr & Mrs Speck & Son Robin
Johnnyboy (H, HSX: writenotestudios@yahoo.com) - 14/02/2016 16:01:51

Haven't been across the Channel for a good 15 years now, Jim. But it is sad ineded to witness the closure of small shops, wherever they be. I don't want to oversimplify, but don't you think it is due at least in part to the ever-increasing attraction (?) and pressure of the supermarket stores and the shopping malls that go with them ? In continental Europe, wherever you go to, you find the same brands at roughly the same price tags and yet those places are crowded. In Perpignan or Narbonne, even top-of-the-range restaurants tend to open their premises in the vicinity of those shopping centers, hardly a lovely environment, you will admit. We, the customers/consumers, are guilty. It only takes boycotting those facilities and the small merchants, shops, cafe9's, restaurants will by force regain popularity. The public have much more power than we think, by the choice we make of WHERE we spend our dosh !
Rogerio (4J11jIcnSo1, 544DGLYgBS: 2s5kkiiywg5@hotmail.com) - 21/09/2015 17:28:24

Can anybody help in confirming the existence of a boot repairers in Pellatt Road (possibly no.17) back in 1914. I think it was known as Howes Bootmaker and Repair. I am not sure whether it was a shop or not, or what happened to this business
Ken Howes (Tunbridge Wells, England: kenhowes@kmr.me.uk) - 01/08/2015 16:35:31

BBC needs a fun family for new Back in Time series! Fancy a summer adventure exploring how we used to spend our leisure time? Family wanted to go Back In Time for a BBC Two series that is a follow-up to Back In Time For Dinner with the Robshaws. Wall to Wall Television are looking for a family to go on a summer time-travelling adventure, immersing themselves in how we spent our leisure time from the 1950s to the 1990s. Please email leisure@walltowall.co.uk and tell us about how your family spend your evenings and weekends at the moment! Must be UK residents, homeowners and have minimum two children aged 10+. Filming will take place over the summer holidays of July and August 2015.
Talitha Smith (London, UK: talitha.smith@walltowall.co.uk) - 05/06/2015 11:54:22

We are offering a free lunch on the 8th December at Jam Circus Bar, to book in email living.well@ageuklands.org.uk or leave your contact details on 02073580479
Claire Gaulier (London, United Kingdom: claire.gaulier@ageuklands.org.uk) - 19/11/2014 16:38:02

**Are you in dispute? Or considering court action?** We are filming a pilot documentary with the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators about dispute resolution; making an alternative to court available to people with community, business, family and consumer disputes. The process involves a combination of arbitration (effectively a private court hearing) and mediation (where the two sides are helped to discuss things and negotiate together) on the same day. It is authentic, legally-binding and fee-free for the parties, and although it's being filmed, the pilot is not currently intended for broadcast. I wondered if anyone in East Dulwich might be open to this? It could be neighbour disputes - e.g. noise, boundaries, parking, consumer issues - e.g. second hand cars, ruined wedding photos, small business disputes, end of relationship finances etc Please do share this, and contact: disputes@windfallfilms.com for more information. We're following this process in late October so we're looking for cases ASAP. Many thanks for your help. All the very best Kimberly 020 7251 7676
Kimberly Godbolt (London, UK: kimberlygodbolt@windfallfilms.com) - 14/10/2014 18:01:31

Hi does anyone know if marks and spencer have bought Iceland and the old catch 22 building and what date they start renovation Thankyou
Linda Hamilton (Islington and se22, London: waterdragon9@yahoo.com) - 01/09/2014 15:00:53

I can vividly remember as a child watching the railway bridge that crossed Lordship Lane near the junction of Wood Vale being demolished. That was my earliest memory as a child and I am trying to put a date on it. I know from research that the Station closed in 1954 but I think the bridge was removed a couple of years later as I was only 2 at the time. Anyone help please.
David CROSS (London, England: cabby@ntlworld.com) - 16/06/2014 17:03:08

Bellenden Road Nature Garden is in need of new volunteers! The garden (opposite Highshore School, Bellenden Road)is currently being managed by London Wildlife Trust and a small but dedicated team of volunteers. We are working to restore the garden as a beautiful setting for both wildlife and the local community- with the long term goal of regularly opening the garden to the public as well as hosting events, open days and school/community/education groups. We work hard on work days every month to improve the garden for wildlife and the community. The warm spring weather has really had an effect on the garden and it has come to life as a haven for birds, bees, butterflies and the like. BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP! We are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help us out on work days at the garden. Coming along is a fantastic way to meet local people, get some exercise and learn more about the wildlife living on your doorstep. No experience is necessary! If you're interested in becoming a volunteer or for more information about the garden, please contact me (Hannah Van Hesteren) at hvanhesteren@wildlondon.org.uk Thanks in advance! Hannah
Hannah Van Hesteren (East Dulwich, United Kingdom: hvanhesteren@wildlondon.org.uk) - 23/05/2014 13:21:33

Last year Southwark council started work on our bathroom and as of yet a year later and it still has not been finished. All they are doing is to remove mould, 2 new windows, plastering and to repaint the ceiling. All we seem to get from the council is lies.
Paul Phelps (East Dulwich, UK: paulphelps1982@yahoo.co.uk) - 01/05/2014 13:52:20

Dear SE22s - my son has left his red plastic art portfolio on a bench in Goose Green last Monday 7/4/14 Please if you know where it might have gone let me know
rix pyke (peckham, england: rixpyke@btinternet.com) - 09/04/2014 20:51:14

Looking for soon-to-be stepfamilies Fiecracker Films on behalf of Channel 4 Education are looking for a family in the South London area that would like to take part in a groundbreaking documentary about blended and step families here in the UK. Please get in touch at rachel.eadie@firecrackerfilms.com if you or a family you know may be interested!
R Kester (London, United Kingdom: rosy.kester@firecrackerfilms.com) - 07/04/2014 12:57:39

Hi I am trying to find out some baby classes at Lordship Lane estate and wondered does anyone know what days they are on
Claire (London , UK : chatherly@btinternet.com) - 01/04/2014 11:29:33

Hello all. My debut novel, The Sleeping Warrior, begins in the former police station on Lordship Lane and is partly set in and around East Dulwich. I grew up on East Dulwich Grove and couldn't think of a better way to express my fond memories. It's an urban fantasy that reads like a crime thriller and is available from Amazon and all good book shops. Should very much welcome everyone's support.
Sara Bain (Dumfries, UK: info@ivymoon-press.co.uk) - 25/09/2013 22:11:59

Hi - just to let you all know about new loyalty card scheme for Dulwich and the surrounding areas :) Visit www.livelovelocal.net for latest and details of how to sign up (whether you are a business or resident) - launch start June 2013 (date TBC). Should be a great community scheme!
East Dulwich Mummy (East Dulwich, UK: esme_c@fsmail.net) - 30/04/2013 12:05:53

Hi could you tell me the name of the butchers that was at 36-38 lordship lane before green and blue? Thanks
Michael (East dulwich , Uk: Michaelhazlewood@hotmail.com) - 04/04/2013 11:52:48

Hi all, I am trying to find out what happened to thw dulwich working mans club, the one on lordship lane, My sister is trying to find her birth parent. His name is Mark Holmes and his parents use to run the club back in the 80's....Only info i have is that Mark had a brother called Martin and mark had bright ginger hair, anyway help would be really useful. with love Sarah.
Sarah Gibbons (Doncaster, England.: sarahbigg@yahoo.com) - 28/03/2013 10:02:45

Hi John. Its a long time ago. I remember Mr Hublin he had a stiff leg nice teacher lived near the back of Hornimans Museum. Just a bit to remind you. Norm. Lordship Lane E. Dulwich VI Flying Bomb. 13/7/1944 at 17.22 pm. The V1 fell in the area behind Dulwich Library at the junction of Lordship lane and Woodwarde Road. It injured 14 people and demolished part of a church and the priest’s house in Lordship Lane. . 9 shops and 40 houses suffered severe damage in Lordship lane and 50 houses badly damaged in Court Lane. The damaged/rebuilt area can clearly be seen. The home above the shop of Enid Blyton the author of Childrens Books including the Noddy Books. Lived at 352 Lordship Lane above the shop near Dulwich library. The actual building was destroyed in 1944 by a V1. Bomb. the replaced building bares a Blue Plaque on the front to commemorate her time there. This bomb landed just a few hundred yards from our house, there was a sweet shop half demolished called Redapples, all the bottles of sweet and paper bags were lying out in the road, ( then sweets were a rare to get they were rationed so we did not get a lot although we normally eat our parents ration ). We gathered up as many as we could from among the debris and bricks as strewn in the road you could not see the tram tracks, we had cut our hands, no thought of that here were sweets. One of the Rescue men came and told us to get away as the building still had bits falling down as they dug into the rubble to get buried people out, you might think that we were callous by grabbing sweets with little concern for those injured, but this was happening every day we were only young and we did care but what could we do? The man said don't take those sweets they might have been contaminated by the blast and make you ill. We dropped the sweets at our feet, so disappointed at having to loose our prizes, the man bent down and picked up a glass jar with sweets in and handed it to one the boys and said these will be O.K. we ran off chasing that boy wanting our share.
Norman Long (E..Dulwich, London: smilertheislander@btinternet.com) - 21/10/2012 20:03:17

A new shop is opening in East Dulwich in mid-September 2012. Captured on the Rye features designs from local artist Lou Smith, a screenprinter who is inspired by wildlife found in and around the parks and urban green spaces of South London. Lou hand prints his designs onto lampshades, cushions and clothing. The shop will open at 85 Pellatt Road in mid-September. Email for more information.
Lou Smith (East Dulwich, London: press@experiment1.co.uk) - 29/08/2012 09:31:14

Television production company Rival Media are producing an exciting two part special for Sky following on from the success of last years 'Rooftop Rainforest' series and are looking for families to take part. Last year we built a living rainforest on top of Westfield Shopping centre…..This year, the project is even more ambitious and we need people like YOU to take part. We are looking for families to take on an experiment for a week – it will be fun but challenging and will involve the whole family ! If you would like to take part in this exciting series please get in touch to find out more information. Please provide a brief description of your family, a recent family photo and picture of the property you live in to: james.silsbury@rival-media.com Filming will take place over one week in August, with a live show in September. Applications close soon so please get in touch if interested. We look forward to hearing from you
James (London , United Kingdom : james.silsbury@rival-media.com) - 24/07/2012 17:23:09

Hi all, I work for a television production company called Windfall Films and we are making a new documentary about urban foxes. We are currently looking for dens of foxes or fox families which we might be able to study and film, and I was wondering if anyone regularly sees foxes or knows of any fox dens near them? If you know of any foxes in your area or have any fox related stories, if would be great to hear from you! Please feel free to email me on fiona@windfallfilms.com or fox@windfallfilms.com, or call me on 0207 251 7676. Many thanks! Fiona
Fiona Leaper (London, United Kingdom: fiona@windfallfilms.com) - 17/02/2012 11:55:18

I am John Gregory, 39, of Lordship Lane, Dulwich, I have been training hard to take part in this years Brighton Marathon for children's charity, the NSPCC. Despite taking part in the marathon for the first time, I hope to complete the race in four and a half hours. It is a charity which is very close to my heart and I think it is also a way of getting fitter. I am raising money for the NSPCC and I need to raise £500 to achieve my target. I did some work at the NSPCC Helpline and experienced first hand what great work the charity does towards ending child cruelty. To sponsor me, please go to: uk.virginmoneygiving.com/JOHNGREGORY To see how my training is going, please go to: jayemjee.blogspot.com
John Gregory (Dulwich, UK: jmgr73@gmail.com) - 30/01/2012 13:11:33

Does anyone remember the boys club run bt Leslie Ellis at the Presbyterian church in Barry Rd in the 1940s.
Theo (john0 Marshall (Cambridge Waikato;, Aotearoa New Zealand: johngloria@kol.co.nz) - 22/01/2012 03:19:06

This is just a quick message to tell you about The Reliant. It is a free bi-monthly arts and community magazine aimed at promoting all of the up and coming talents and businesses in Dulwich, Camberwell and Peckham. 3000 copies will be available in surrounding shops, cafes, restaurants and venues so it is a great opportunity to promote your shop, event, business, fashion range, music... anything! If you want to be featured in the magazine or have a local issue you want us to write about please don't hesitate to email me back on editor@thereliant.com We also have a limited amount of advertising available, which you can ask Donnie about by emailing him on donnie@epneo.com Thanks for reading and please spread the word to anyone who would be interested.
David - The Reliant (Dulwich, England: editor@thereliant.com) - 05/01/2012 21:07:04

I winder if anyone who wentto Heber rd School in the war remembers Douglas Lacy.I remember he had a sing voice and was a superb piano player. Having developed a love of all clasic music I have would lke to know if he became a profesional MUSICIAN.
Theo(John) Marshall (Waikato , New Zealand.: johngloria@kol.co.nz) - 27/12/2011 02:27:06

Rumour has it that lordshiplane.co.uk is undergoing a major transformation - looking forward to it!
Steve Jones (London, United Kingdom: steve@gmail.com) - 17/11/2011 15:19:31

Hi I am a fashion designer specialising in Bridal and Red Carpet designs. Been working from my home studio, but would love more space. Can anyone offer a studio / and or window space. I have been lucky enough to have designed and made a bridal skirt for one of Selfridges Christmas window 20011 www.selfridges.com and really want to keep the momentum going. My budget is not big enough for a shop unfortunatley so a studio would be great.
vinnette (Rushey Green, uk: vinnetteunbridaled@hotmail.co.uk) - 05/11/2011 21:51:38

Just what happened to Heber Rd School? I went there in the war years .My memories are of a big stark stone building .Two small playgrounds ,girls and boys. It was certainly cold and unheated but that may have been war time restrictions.Did they pull it down or did they renovate it.
john marshall (Cambridge .Waikato , New Zealand : johngloria@kol.co.nz) - 27/10/2011 03:32:52

I am a tenant at on Coplestone Rd. We share an open communal garden with the flat next to us, which is a council property. Yesterday, workmen came round and concreted over the entire front of the property without notice. We were not notified, and our landlady was not notified, either by the tenant or the council. The front garden was a beautiful big space of 2 beds, one of which was 5m x 5m. This is now covered with a concrete slabs. We had planted flowers and roses in the bed on our side of the house. These were ripped up and 2ft high concrete box has been installed outside our front door. The reason given was that the council tenant Joyce Childs did not want to pull out weeds. Surely Southwark Council should be encouraging their tenants to maintain the property, and should furthermore be dedicated to preserving green space in London? The tenant is not going to be there forever, and a young couple like ourselves could have made so much of the space. The entire front of the property is now concreted over. Nothing can be grown there. We loved our garden and this is really sad and depressing to us. We would like to understand the situation behind Southwark Council granting planning permission for this work to be done, but the process there is long-winded. Has anyone else had a similar experience?
A Kent (East Dulwich, UK: fraulein.kent@gmail.com) - 20/10/2011 01:31:14

So here I am in Dulwich aged 9 and dodging bombs. first day at Heber Rd School .I took an instant dislike to the head mistriss Miss Pary It soon became obvious that she did not like me much to my diadvatage over the next 5 years, Another horror storY was MR Nicholson "Old Nick" An interesting man was "Bum Basher Burnham . Who wqs not too bad.My Favorite and still remembered with affection was Mr Hublin (b
Theo John marshall (Cambridge Waikato, Aotearoa NZ: johngloria@kol.co.nz) - 11/10/2011 04:33:25

Childhood memories of the war years in Lordship Lane and surrounds. Part 1 .. I lived my early childhood in the poor area of Sydenham with my Widowed aunt,her daughter and my grandmother. Early in the blitz we we bombed out and buried for a bfew hours in n our Anderson shelter. I can still hear the noise and smell the stench from the polluted air from the explosion. What has remained with me is the memory of flame from "nightlight ' because it floated across the shelter and disapeared intothe end wall . (more about that later. SWe were rescued by the local wardens and made a fuss of. Especially my Grandmother who was over eighty ,and was most annoyed because the warden wanted tom help her out.Notmy Gran she got out on her own or not at all. It's anill wind that does not do some good and the best thing was that we we were moved to 383a Lordship lane ,the corner of LL and Barry Rd. Alovely flat on top of Red Applesand looking out to the Library Gardens. The libary was go become my favorite place and the Librarian my favorite lady who encouraged my reading ,which I am gratafull for to,this day . The war raged on on we loat our windows a few times but we survived. Iwas enrolled at Heber Rd school ,a shocking Victorian leftover, Of course becausethe young were away fighting a
Theo John Marshall (Cambridge Waikato , Aotearoa NZ: johngloria@kol.co.nz) - 10/10/2011 03:50:33

'Once Upon a Christmas Time...’ We are delighted to announce an enchanting new art show called 'Once Upon a Christmas Time’ by The Little Picture Company, held in conjunction with children’s charity 'Make a Wish Foundation UK’. The show will take place locally, in the Jeannie Avent Gallery in East Dulwich from 29th October until 9th November. The Little Picture Company is a gallery which offers a magical world of art for children, filled with lasting treasures that will spark children's imaginations. This is an opportunity to see the unique works of art from our talented team of eight local artists and our beautiful new product lines. As the festive season approaches, this will be a perfect chance to do some gift shopping for the little ones in your life! We are holding an exclusive preview evening on 28th October from 6.30 until 8.30, where we will open the new show to the public and will be getting into the Christmas spirit early with festive gourmet cupcakes and champagne. Come and meet our lovely artists whilst enjoying a glass of bubbly! If you would like to attend this event please RSVP to anita@thelittlepicturecompany.org as soon as possible. A portion of all proceeds from the show will be donated to 'Make a Wish Foundation UK', a charity which grants wishes to children fighting life-threatening illnesses. So it’s in aid of a good cause as well! As if that wasn’t enough to persuade you, there will also be a drop-in colour consultation at the Jeannie Avent Gallery with artist Jenny Newport on 6th November, from 12pm until 4pm. Jenny will be happy to discuss any particular colour requirements you might have and to match her art work to suit your interiors. We look forward to meeting you! x
Sarah Colson (East Dulwich, England: sjcolson@hotmail.com) - 30/09/2011 21:22:09

Hello...Fancy dancing your way to fitness? I've always found the gym a bit grim, preferring the freedom and creativity of dance. Of course London is a mecca for dance but I've set up some adult ballet and contemporary dance locally in east dulwich. Ballet can add grace and calm to your hectic life and contemporary can take your yoga postures into movement in an inspirational and creative way. Every wednesday at Harris Girls Academy, Homestall Road, SE22 0NR I will be teaching adult ballet from 6.30 -7.30 pm and contemporary 7.30 - 8.45pm. For more information about me check out my company www.needlefoot.co.uk and look up Deborah Galloway for Rambert Dance Company. 07811-125-610...come along and see if dance cant take away any stresses of the day.
Deborah Galloway (East Dulwich, United Kingdom: debs@needlefoot.co.uk) - 26/09/2011 19:25:02

My new novel "The Red House" (a literary mystery with a theatrical twist, praised by Sir Derek Jacobi)is now available at Chener Books in Lordship Lane, as are its predecessors "The Blue Book" and "The Yellow Room".
Christopher Bowden (Upper Norwood, UK: chbowden@btopenworld.com) - 24/09/2011 20:28:01

This month we have a very interesting talk about cruelt free cosmetics This meeting will be on September 22, 7.30pm @ Blue Brick Cafe, 14 Fellbrigg Road, East Dulwich, just off Northcross Road. Future dates for the diary: October 20, November 24, December 8th. Any suggestions for speakers please let me know. I hope the later time of 7.30pm makes it easier for people to attend, and there is no obligation to eat at the cafe, just come along for the talk. Thomas Micklewright The Dulwich Vegan and Vegetarian Society E: thomasmicklewright@hotmail.com Web: w w w .dvvs.vegangroup.co.uk Facebook: The Dulwich Vegan and Vegetarian Society Twitter: DulwichVeganSoc Thomas Micklewright (Dulwich, England: thomasmicklewright@hotmail.com) - 23/07/2011 19:09:49
Thomas Micklewright (Dulwich, England: thomasmicklewright@hotmail.com) - 14/09/2011 13:54:29

Im 80 years old .I spent my childhood in the war years at 383a Lordship Lane right opposite the Library . Our bay window was above Red Apples shop.Every night throughout the blitz and the Doodle Bugs. listened to the news then went across Lordship Lane to the "brick shelter in front of the library . Each family had their own bunk.A close shave one night, when a doodle bug crashed on the Church next door Its a wonder the shelter was not blown skY high ,but it survived and so did we . I went to Heber Rd School a shocking place but they taught us to read and write. Which was amazing seeing the conditions at war time. My mates were Roy Pamphelt Roy Partridge and Alan Woodward . I often wonder what happened to them . Ihave lived in New Zealand for 50 years and have never been back to the UK. Dulwich Park Horniman's all great places for a young boy ,But best of all Dulwich Library where I gained an education and a love of reading .
Theo (John) Marshall (Cambridge Waikato , New Zealand: johngloria@kl.co.nz) - 31/08/2011 02:54:36

i used to live at 549 lordship lane when it was a childrens home from about 1964 till 1977 when i got married my name is johanna southwell my maiden name was mcglasham i would love to hear from anybody who lived there same time as me via my email address many thanks 28 8 2011
johanna southwell (nottingham, untedkingdom: johannasouthwell@yahoo.com) - 28/08/2011 20:31:29

This month we have a very interesting talk by Maria Devereaux on 'How to Grow Vegetables and Fruits’ This meeting will be on August 18, 7.30pm @ Blue Brick Cafe, 14 Fellbrigg Road, East Dulwich, just off Northcross Road. Future dates for the diary: Sept 22, October 20, November 24, December 8th. Any suggestions for speakers please let me know. I hope the later time of 7.30pm makes it easier for people to attend, and there is no obligation to eat at the cafe, just come along for the talk. Thomas Micklewright The Dulwich Vegan and Vegetarian Society E: thomasmicklewright@hotmail.com Web: w w w .dvvs.vegangroup.co.uk Facebook: The Dulwich Vegan and Vegetarian Society Twitter: DulwichVeganSoc
Thomas Micklewright (Dulwich, England: thomasmicklewright@hotmail.com) - 23/07/2011 19:09:49

I am interested in the history of East Dulwich, particularly during the time 1890-1910, the period during which my grandfather's family lived there. His name was Charles Frederick Payne. I have recently transcribed my grandfather's pocket diaries for 1903 and 1904 when he lived in Landcroft Road, and later Ferris Road, and worked in the City of London. I am putting his diaries up on a website in the hope that they will be of interest to some of you, and that some of you may have comments or information that would add to my knowledge. If you are interested in reading 'Charlie's Blog', and finding out more about a young Edwardian's life in East Dulwich, please visit my website at chrispaynebooks.com/charlie/
Chris Payne (Kendal, UK: oldthatch@btinternet.com) - 06/07/2011 17:20:57

YVONNE DEVINE (LONDON, UK: eve_devine@yahoo.com) - 04/04/2011 00:30:32

Hello, A new concession will be opening in Ed Warehoue selling children shoes, including school shoes. A measuring service will be provided too. It will open Tuesday 3rd May 2011 at 10am at NO:1 zenoria street se 22. You will be entitled to a 10% discount on all shoes so do not hesitate to join me on my new adventure. I have experience in startrite clarks and ricosta measuring/fitting and also the same applies with ballet and bloch shoes. Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully I will see you there. If you mention this add I will give you 50% of any shoes. Kind regards Emmanulle Marshall
Emmanuelle Marshall (Dulwich London, England: emmanuellemarshall) - 02/04/2011 23:30:56

I am trying to find information about Lordship Lane Hall which I believe was in existence in the 19th century...can anyone help as I have come up against a brick wall. Thanks.
Beverley (Swansea, Wales: rogersbevj@yahoo.co.uk) - 06/02/2011 23:01:40

Hi everyone - my daughter lost a precious ART PORTFOLIO (in a black A3 canvas bag) containing all her GCSE work - in Lordship Lane area/buses P4 or 176, on Monday 10th Jan in the evening - have you found anything like this? if you have any information or ideas to help we would be so grateful - please text, email or call - 07825380745, thank you.
Anne Bennett (Champion Hill, UK: anne.bennett8ac@btinternet.com) - 11/01/2011 13:35:34

Hi Their Looking to rent shop property in Lordship Lane, SE23 to expand my current bussiness, please e-mail me with info if anyone one has any on any shops for rent/sale. 07946673412
mrs donovan (rothertihe , London, UK : billy.phillips@sky.com) - 07/01/2011 17:47:51

HI, I'm a sixth form student at Alleyn's School and live on Calton Avenue. Next summer i'm going on a month long trip to Africa where I will be doing charity work in Malawi and Zambia. I need to raise 3 and a half thousand pounds for the trip. Therefore I am desperate for some form of employment. I am a responsible, reliable and friendly 16 year old with babysitting experience who is available for that. But also any job vancancies on Lordship Lane or in any shops in the surrounding area that I may be applicable for, I would love to hear about. Thanks Michael
Michael David (Dulwich, London, UK: michaelcbdavid@btinternet.com) - 28/11/2010 19:34:33

Hello, I'm looking for a single room close to east dulwich rail station in a nice ande quite house. thank you tonia.pellegrino@tiscali.it
Tonia (london, england: tonia.pellegrino@tiscali.it) - 27/11/2010 22:28:52

Hello, New creative movement class for pre-school children and parents/ carers at FNHC (Above Soup Dragon) Lordship Lane. An hour of fun and creativity, exploring movement and imagination, great for early years co-ordination skills, learning rythmns and generally dancing together. Every Friday 12-1 starting Friday 1st October. Please book a space with Kate at jacksonkjackson@gmail.com or drop in on Friday and check it out! Kate has been teaching dance to all ages for the past 10 years she is a professional dancer based in East Dulwich, she teaches Contemporary Dance to all ages from Professionals to young people and has recently been performing with Sadlers Wells Productions London. Her classes focus on creativity and creative learning, using the body to explore movement and imagination and have fun dancing!!!!
Kate Jackson (London, England: jacksonkjackson@gmail.com) - 30/09/2010 01:09:10

hello, i am looking for a child minder one day a week, monday or tuesday for my 7 months old baby.
joane (london, uk: joaneauber@yahoo.fr) - 27/09/2010 15:39:31

Hello everybody, I am currently conducting a study into post war regeneration focusing on prefabs. Does anyone have any stories about post war Dulwich that they'd like to share with me? Did you live in a prefab? It doesn't have to be action packed excitment, just your memories and thoughts, any little thing would do. I look forward to hearing from you! h.astaire@hotmail.com
Helen Astaire (London, UK: h.astaire@hotmail.com) - 26/09/2010 12:15:27

Hi, an altercation happened on Saturday 14/08/2010 with myself and a man. Were you there and did you see what happened, I have been charged with common assault for no reason when this man was shouting verbal abuse at me and saying I ran him over. The thing is that I was reversing and this man was on the other side of the road, he saw me reversing and decided he would cross the road and go behind my car. As soon as he got there he started banging on the car, came round the side shouting and pointing in my face and calling me names. He tried to take my registration number and called the police, I tried to get my reg numberfrom him but he pushed me and I was defending myself, he also slapped me in the face. I am 5ft 1 and this man is medium built, around 5ft 6". I've tried to press charges but the police do not want to know as I am of colour and this man is cocasion. I think this is an injustice when it comes to people of colour, especially if they have never been in trouble before. I am in my 50's, how can this be right. If you saw anything please let me know. Thanks M Rochester
M Rochester (East Dulwich, London: marlenedj@aol.com) - 18/08/2010 08:47:39

Hi. I was born in whateley rd (number 30)I live in Ireland now but have fond memories of childhood there,dose anyone remember my mum Ann O'Sullivan? iF pOSS' HAS ANYONE A RECENT PHOTO OF MY HOUSE? I Looked on the net but found it difficult.its on the left side coming from Lordship lane I think the first juntion ,the house has two large shop front windows,and its on a corner.not far from a pub.thanks a mill...
chris mchugh (wicklow, ireland: chris.mchugh87@gmail.com) - 11/07/2010 20:19:05

I currently have two offices to rent in Lordship Lane, Dulwich. (2-3 desk space & 6-8 desk space) If you would like to arrange a viewing or find out more information then please email me on the following:- jason@livebreathesleep.com
Jason Nelhams (Dulwich, London: jason@livebreathesleep.com) - 30/06/2010 15:05:11

I was writing to offer our services as a local architectural practice. We are a well established practice with a broad range of exciting projects currently on the boards, many of which are in the local area. If you were interested in any advice or guidance in terms of architecture we would be happy to help. Whether you are looking to extend your property, enhance the existing or build-new then please get in touch. I live locally (Bellenden Road) so am familiar with the area and the local authority planning procedures. Please take a look at our website (www.alma-nac.com) and get in touch if interested. Thank you.
Tristan Wigfall (East Dulwich, UK: tristan@alma-nac.com) - 14/06/2010 22:21:10

Hello everyone, Please I am desperately in need of a part time job in the south east London area, most preferably anywhere near Lordship Lane. We have had to take pay cuts in my full-time employment. This is causing enormous financial hardship with mortgage and bills payment. I am available for any vacancy within a supermarket or shop, for evening and weekend hours. Thanks a lot.
Caroline (London, UK: carolinee@tesco.net) - 05/05/2010 12:36:59

an artist have made a street map of lordshipe lane and I would love to buy one,does any one nows how to get it??thanks
hush (east dulwich, se22 8rw: sheraz3@hotmail.co.uk) - 03/05/2010 21:56:37

I'm looking for a studio in or near East Dulwich for 2 people to rent for the month of June.
gillian parkin (London, UK: gillian.parkin@btconnect.com ) - 15/04/2010 15:58:37

I am looking for a self catering studio for two people to rent for the month of June 2010. anyone know of anything?
gillian parkin (London, UK: gillian.parkin@bt.connect.co.uk) - 15/04/2010 14:56:32

Just to let you know who your local candidate is for MP in East Dulwich - I keep bumping into him at community meetings. It's Jonathan Mitchell who's also been the local Cllr in East Dulwich for 4 years. He's active in the area, has lived around here for 30 years and not part of the 'Westminster establishment'. His blog is www.jonathanmitchellsblog.com
Amina Graham (London, UK: flemgrem@yahoo.com) - 28/03/2010 22:33:35

Hello there,ancestors of mine lived in Rosemead, Red Post Hill, Dulwich in 1891 Names: James Edward Pearce & Sarah Russell Pearce. Does this ring any bells with you ? Are there any old photos of Rosemead ? I'd love to hear from you. Best wishes Margaret
Margaret Cotton (Welwyn Garden City, England: cottons49@tiscali.co.uk) - 09/02/2010 20:17:06

Alex Phornnarit (age 7) wants to cycle 5 miles around Dulwich Park to raise money for the survivors of the Haiti earthquake. If you would like to sponsor him please go to www.justgiving.com/alex-phornnarit Many thanks, the Phornnarits.
Barbara Guinn (Forest Hill, England: barbara_guinn@yahoo.co.uk) - 29/01/2010 17:30:45

i am looking for my high school diploma from 1991-1976, can you help me find the right place so i can be able to have a copy because i have lost mine. also i am looking for class mates that graduate in that year too.
rosemarie a kelly (south norwalk, united state of america: k.rosemarie@yahoo.com) - 20/01/2010 22:00:32

I have a friend Leslie J Bishop born 1939 lived in lordship lane his father was a police officer Ernest J Bishop mothers maiden name Adams .he would love to hear from any one that knew him or family relatives .Iwill pass on all messeges to him . thankyou elizabeth--please reply from my email addy above thankyou.
elizabeth (Bridport,Dorset, ENGLAND: elizabeth0142@hotmail.co.uk) - 13/11/2009 09:34:31

HI THERE , I THERE,Igo a friend who was born in lordshiplane 1939. his father was a police sergeant there ernest James Bishop. mother name LILIAN Bishop. maiden name ADAMS he would so much like to make contact with any relatives ,sisters or brother.THANKYOU ELIZABETH
ELIZABETH PARK (BRIDPORT DORSET., ENGLAND: elizabeth0142@hotmail.co.uk) - 07/09/2009 12:25:58

My novel, The Yellow Room, will be published on 24 September. It is centred on a Georgian country house, with flashbacks to the 1950s. As a local author, I thought this would be of interest to lordshiplane readers. It is a follow-up to The Blue Book, published in November 2007. This has proved popular locally, including at successive Goose Green fairs as part of the Dulwich Festival. Copies of the book will be available from local bookshops and through Amazon and other on-line suppliers.
Christopher Bowden (Upper Norwood, UK: chbowden@btopenworld.com) - 01/09/2009 20:14:22

I am a Director of Hillgate Investments LTD We are looking to acquire an A2 usage shop in East Dulwich or Dulwich, Should any one be considering vacating or know of any shops becoming vacant please contact on 07834 600659 ASAP Kind regards
david hatch (london, england: david.hatch@alexneil.com) - 29/06/2009 11:12:34

Hi to all on this page, i run a Holistic exercise studio on: 6 lordship lane, SE22 8HN. I have treatment rooms available for hire for therapists 9am-9pm most days and week ends. also can be used as an office for hire. rates from £25 daily or monthly for 5 days a week from £300. contact: warren on: 07947 588 102
warren williams (East Dulwich, England: inheritor19om@aol.com) - 28/05/2009 12:27:34

Hi I run a communications company for the whole of South East England. We are in the process of recruiting for the roles of Associate consultants. If you are highly driven and looking for a great challenge in life with very big rewards then please call us on 0208 613 1121 Kind regards Jason
Jason Nelhams (Dulwich, London: jason@everestconsulting.co.uk) - 20/05/2009 11:22:48

hi i was just wondring if i can renew my libary books online.
rose (west norwood, england: rose.brummer@yahoo.co.uk) - 16/05/2009 13:48:01

Hi, I am writing from a book collection company called Happy Fish Books, based in Crofton Park, South London. This is a message aimed at any organisation, charity or group that occasionally holds fun days, fetes or table top sales to raise funds. We would be interested in collecting your leftover unwanted books after your fun day in exchange for a donation towards your organisation. This service is free of charge and we would take all books in a useable condition, e.g. not wet or ripped. We would take books of all varieties and believe that this is an extremely valuable service to divert useable books from landfill. Many of the books collected would go to Africa and any we find that are not useable would be recycled using a registered paper recycler. We believe that this is a service that may be of interest to groups and charities in this area. If you would like to arrange a collection or simply would like more information, please don't hesitate to contact us. Best Wishes, Happy Fishes 020 84693065
Happy Fish Books (London, United Kingdom: Happyfish_books@dsl.pipex.com) - 11/05/2009 15:03:16

Hi I have grown up in East Dulwich all my life, so know the area well. I am currently taking my A levels and am looking for a job, if anyone owns a local shop or knows of any vacancies could you please contact me. I'm 18, enthusiastic and reliable, but with little experience I’m willing to work a days trial to prove myself. Thank You. Annabelle Hall
Annabelle Hall (London, England: annabellebhall@hotmail.co.uk) - 19/04/2009 13:16:57

Hi I'm Valentina and I'm living in the area since 1 year, I really enjoy staying in the area, everybody is so friendly......I'm organizing an holiday for a period after the summer, I believe around September or October in Tuscany, Italy, with my sportive club of running, it will be an incredible experience, all inclusive: hotel, spa, tour of the valley surrounding the area (just amazing) with a guide and a one day trip to Florence or Rome. I've noted that in east dulwich area many of you like run around the parks so I was thinking that maybe someone of you could be interested.... let me know if you have any questions or you want to see some pictures of the places...bye bye
valentina (london, U.K.: vale87m@yahoo.it) - 28/02/2009 17:55:40

hi ,i'm joyce, i was born in bassano st, in 1936,moved away in 1961to raise my family.i've been told that e dulwich has improved a great deal, is it possible to view it on line?
joyce woods (clacton on sea, u.k: foxyjoycey@aol.com) - 10/02/2009 16:32:59

I have recently moved to East Dulwich and need to find a garage or somebidy witrh an interest in old bikes. I have an old 1970's honda C70 and need help to get it going again. It has anew engine and new body work it really just needs some expertise to get it going again. Can anybody help?
claire davidson (east dulwich, uk: clairelouisedavidson@yahoo.co.uk) - 13/12/2008 10:08:05

i have found in family papers an old photograph of people in front of an ivy covered mansion. On the back it is stamped: "Bendetti & Co, Expert Photographers, 19 Landells Road,Lordship Lane, East Dulwich SE". The clothing of the people looks very early 20th century. My family have links with Peckham at that time. Has anyone any info?
Andrea Watson (Cockermouth, England: shop.vwatson@tesco.net) - 06/12/2008 18:58:06

Hey, I was searching for 7-a-side leagues near Denmark Hill (as I'll be moving there soon) and read a couple of posts on other messages boards about a league open in East Dulwich. I've tried looking for some info on it but have yet to find any - if anyone could let me know if there's an official website or something along those lines that'd be great. Also, if there are any teams that play in the league looking for players then give me a shout too. Cheers.
Ste (Liverpool, England: electronicallyinsane@googlemail.com) - 23/08/2008 00:36:27

Hello there....I've just moved in to the area after 20 years in Cornwall and I am loving every minute of living in the area. I am busy landscaping the garden and need to know where I can borrow or hire a small rotivator from. Any ideas?
Gabby Brown (Dulwich, UK: gabby4uhere@yahoo.co.uk) - 26/06/2008 18:57:12

Understand the Magdala has a Thai restaurant upstairs now. My grandfather owned the pub for many years 1930s/40s. Remember it as a thriving concern when I visited as a child. Happy memories. What I presume is now the restaurant would have been their lounge. Large room on the corner of the building
frank Weeks (Taupo, New Zealand: pongo3@xtra.co.nz) - 13/06/2008 08:44:52

The dying sound from newest week's earthquake in south-west China has risen to 40,075, officials arrange said. Chinese aid workers are struggling to bargain housing for millions who unchaste their homes. exotic medical teams be suffering with started arriving in the area. Tens of thousands more are that time missing, and hopes are fading of locateing myriad people quiet sprightly. in any case, Chinese media say a chain was pulled from the rubble 195 hours - or eight days - after the disaster. It was the ly saving on Tuesday. Earlier, a man was pulled sprightly from the remains of a power insinuate after being buried for 179 hours, state media said. Rescuers fed him sweetened modify inclusive of a tube. The saving try has now focused on providing victuals, seek and drinking incredible for the millions of people false by the 7.9 extent earthquake in Sichuan province. Rescuers arrange launched a concluding exertion to search all hurt area. On Monday Chinese foremost Wen Jiabao ordered troops to reach every one village and village in the earthquake district within 24 hours.
kayalspriseri (Plovdiv, Bulgaria: gotomof12@mail.ru) - 23/05/2008 06:50:43

I'd love your opinions if you have time to comment. We run Certified, principled farmers' markets in London and I would love to know if East Dulwich would like to have one of its own. I'm very aware that you already have a number of amazing food shops. Compared to other areas you're very well served with a great butcher, fishmonger, lovely greengrocer and bakers etc. The farmers’ market is a unique food retail venue. Unlike at Borough Market for example, a specialty food market allowing imported and bought-in produce, at farmers’ markets all the stallholders are farmers and must grow everything they sell. The food is always seasonal and local. It never competes, therefore, with shops selling mangoes, oranges, bananas, olives, watermelons, or even strawberries in March. Indeed a farmers’ market does not compete directly with any other food outlet because it deliberately limits the range of products sold. From the perspective of the customer, the farmers’ market, the green grocer, the deli, and the supermarket are essentially four different food products, not four competing ones. We always work very well with existing food shops and could complement your exisitng traders. I've heard that William Rose closed its order book for Christmas at the beginning of December, so there's a good example of a need for more organic and free range meat and poultry in your neighbourhood! We believe the market should serve the whole community with a range of producers selling a range of products at a range of prices. At the markets we organise, there are producers selling relatively expensive organic foods, for example, and relatively inexpensive seasonal produce. However, we know that our customers appreciate quality, and care about the origins of the food. Many people of all incomes, particularly older people and those with young children, fit this description. All of our markets are Certified by FARMA - the farmers markets and retail association to be bona fide so you can be sure that you're buying from real farmers and not from a wholesaler. Please can you pass the word around - if you wish to reproduce this on community website forums or in newsletters that's fine. I'd love to know what local people - residents and businesses think about a weekly Sunday farmers' market. Any comments or questions are welcome.
Cheryl Cohen (London, UK: cheryl@lfm.org.uk) - 07/04/2008 15:16:24

We are currently making a prime time documentary for Channel 4 Cutting Edge Strand about the housing market and are looking for people who might be interested in taking part. My director is a documentary maker with a track record for producing high-quality, honest and sensitive observational films. He produced Make Me Normal, a Channel 4 documentary about four students at an autism specialist school in SE London, which won a BAFTA for Best Single Documentary. We would like to follow the sale of a desirable family home in the current market. We are interested in understanding the process of buying and selling a property through 360 degrees: from the point of view of the vendor, the potential purchasers and the estate agent. W would like to make an honest documentary that explores what is, by its very nature, a hugely important event in people’s lives. If you require any further information please do not hesitate to get in contact. Regards, Tom 02072900660
tom Wilde (London , England: tom.wilde@betty.co.uk) - 03/10/2007 10:54:13

Hello all. I am a freelance Assistant Producer working on a three part documentary series for Channel 4. I am currently searching for people to get involved with the series and have permission from the administrator to post on this site. Please read below and get in touch should the following apply to you or anyone you know! We are searching for homeowners & builders in the Greater London area who have run into problems on a large scale domestic building project and need some help to get it back on track. We will offer the services (for free) of a leading industry expert to work with the homeowners and the builders to help resolve any problems. The programme is a great opportunity to reach an amicable solution that gets everything running smoothly again for all concerned. The first two episodes reached an agreeable solution for both parties and I am confident that we can do the same for those involved in our final episode. My initial aim is to have an informal chat with the homeowners to determine whether or not the project meets the criteria of the documentary and I will then work on contacting the builder to explain the premise of the series. Again we have managed to achieve this with our first two episodes and barring disaster we should be able to make it work the third time around. Please do get in touch for an informal chat on 0207 907 0869 or email me through this website. Best wishes Fiona
Fiona Wilson (London, United Kingdom: fiona.wilson@betty.co.uk) - 13/09/2007 11:29:40

On your interactive map you have the 312 bus, it is now thw 197, the link for the 40bus does not work at all. Also you have not imcluded the new organic butchers Willam Rose, formerly Hesters. Also could you please include the rail timetables for Forest Hill station as it is a faster connection to London Bridge, also could you also include the p4 and the p13 bus information Best Wishes John Lockton
john Lockton (Dulwich, U.K: jlockton@hotmail.co.uk) - 06/09/2007 12:31:02

Hi just to let everyone know that CHICHIRARA, East Dulwich's very own vintage and modern secondhand clothes shop is now open on Sundays as well as the usual Tuesday, Thursday, Firday and Saturday 10 - 5 See you there love Heather
heather (east dulwich, uk: heather@chichirara.co.uk) - 09/05/2007 15:40:37

I recently learned that my parents lived at 18 Lordship Lane for about one year, up until January, 1951, when they emigrated to the U.S., where I was born three months later. From studying the Lordship Lane website, it appears they must have lived in a flat above what is now Andreas Delicatessen. So, when I fly to London in May, one of my main destinations will be Lordship Lane. And since I've been involved in neighborhood revitalization efforts for the past 30 years here in the U.S., I'd be very interested in meeting for a pint at one of the local pubs with some of the people from the Lordship Lane neighborhood to learn more about your neighborhood, because the information on your website is very interesting. I'll be arriving in London on May 9, and the best days for me to visit Lordship Lane will be on May 10 and 11, but there is some flexibility in my schedule to meet later in the month, too. Thank you.
Peter Apanel (Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.: peterapanel@hotmail.com) - 01/03/2007 16:18:19

Just to let people know that The Barry Area Residents' Association represents all residents living between Friern & Crystal Palace Road, with Upland road and Lordship Lane (The Plough side) as boundaries. We will be having our AGM in April 2007 and are seeking new committee members, especially those who are council tenants and leaseholders, We meet the 2nd Tuesday of most months (9/12) at the East Dulwich Community Centre Darrell Road. next to Medical Centre. Our ages run from late 30s onwards, mixture of ethnic and religious backgrounds. If any one wants to know more, please e mail me.
Janet (east dulwich, england: janet.coy@hotmail.co.uk) - 23/02/2007 18:52:12

I used to know a family who lived in North Cross Road. They were Italian and once had an ice cream business. The name was Giuliano and there were two daughters - Maria and Anna. I wonder if anyone knew of them and of what happened to them. I would love to get in touch.
Garry Kennard (Winchester, UK: garry.kennard@btopenworld.com) - 20/02/2007 17:40:17

I am glad to see Lordship Lane thriving and becoming really buzzy. It was pot luck that I ended up in this area and am really glad we found such a nice place to live and work. Glad to see the organic butcher doing so well and now a fishmonger is opening up too. Soon the whole of Lordship Lane will be full of great shops!
Esme Inegbu (East Dulwich, London, England: esme_c@fsmail.net) - 16/02/2007 16:31:01

Hi all,there are a couple of things that are going on in the local community that have just been brought to our attention.Firstly East dulwich police station might be knoked down for residential flats,Do we need more flats,currently most of the policing and emergency calls come from peckham police station,while there are only a few police and community police in place at dulwich.there are petitions around east dulwich to stop this,if you want to sign. Secondly rumours suggest southwark council may be bringing a controlled parking zone to the area.They proped this about 6 years ago, retailers and residents fought this and won.But now its being proposed again. Southwark alliance are having a meeting on the 14th of february location unknown,but the contact number is 02075256433 for anyone who wants to go. I know its valentines day but hopefully there will be other meetings. Do East dulwich need a controlled parking zone?Are we being penalised for commuters parking here?Lets do something about this
monica (East Dulwich, uk: monica.mcsherry@yahoo.co.uk) - 09/02/2007 16:10:45

Hy guys,i dont know whether the residents of East Dulwich know,but our lovely parking wardens have decided to fine cars that are parked in front of the paving that slopes for the disabled and wheel chair bound residents.People have been ticketed for parking in front of these,they are located around east dulwich,buts its only now fines are being issued.Frogley road is an example.
monica (East Dulwich, uk: monica.mcsherry@yahoo.co.uk) - 09/02/2007 15:54:32

I am looking for a tiler to re-groute the tiles on my kitchen floor. I live on Barry Road and the floor is original teracotta tiles which need a bit of tlc to get them looking fab again. PLEASE if anybody is interested or can recommend a person who would be ready to do the job, I would need them to start in early MARCH. Thank you!
Gemma (East Dulwich, UK: gemwalsh@yahoo.co.uk) - 09/01/2007 14:34:34

I am looking for a cleaner for 3-4 hours each week (cleaning) and a further 2-3 hours every 2nd week (ironing). Can anyone recommend a good, reliable residential cleaner?... or if anyone is looking for such work in East Dulwich and can provide references please e-mail me. Thanks.
Nigel Hood (East Dulwich, UK: hoodnigel@aol.com) - 05/01/2007 20:05:50

Great to discover your web-site. Do you have a situations vacant page? I'm trying to find someone who is passionate about domestic electrics, maybe someone who is experienced or someone who is happy to become an apprentice in our busy outfit, working in houses and small businesses around Dulwich.
David Lawrence (Dulwich, London: david@dulwichlighting.biz) - 04/01/2007 19:38:10

The M and S story is misinformation! The Walsh Glazing site is definitely going to be the White Stuff. Ask the builders! I assume it's the estate agents who are keen to promote the idea of Marks and Spencers in East Dulwich.
Melody B (east dulwich, UK: melodyb@compuserve.com) - 04/01/2007 12:31:28

People who criticise M&S coming to Lordship lane all seem to be new arivals. Those of us who have lived in the area for many years have welcomed the announcement that we will soon have the opportunity to buy quality produce at reasonable prices. I want a high street with a range of usefull shops, not end to end estate agents, and expensive restaurants. have a look at the quality of fruit and veg on sale at the moment, then take a trip to a M&S foodhall, and see the difference in range and quality. a modern vibrant high street is what i want, where i can shop for my staples, not a twee little meaningless row of expensive minority-taste rip-off shops. If you get talking to any local shop staff, and they disclose their (in general) meagre hourly rate, compare that to the salaries and conditions which M&S offer its staff. The same exercise works with the scruffy little cafes and the rather smart looking cafe Nero. be honest, where would you rather spend an hour chatting to friends?
Chris (east dulwich, uk: chrismarsh@myway.com) - 01/01/2007 23:06:30

Great news for residents of East Dulwich - M&S are setting up shop in Lordship Lane - and not a moment too soon! This is great news!
tina kemran (london, uk: tinakemran@hotmail.com) - 20/12/2006 19:26:20

Great to hear that M&S is moving to Dulwich, if it is good enough for the likes of Woolworth Road then it is certanly good enough for Lordship Lane, it is most welcome.
Filiz (london, UK: filiz.mustafa@btopenworld.com) - 20/12/2006 19:09:20

Monica Mcsherry i have had dealings with parkhill as i lived at 36 lordship lane for some years but it was my grandparents who lived there for 50 odd years and my granddad who owned and ran hogan bro. buisness. I found parkhill to be polite and all the rest. but i doubt if there will be a M&S opening were walsh glazers is apparently mcdonalds approached him a number of years back and he apparently refused it, maybe its just rumors but who knows. I agree though to keep lordship lane relativly the same as it is now/then
nova hogan (birmingham, UK: caleb4me2003@yahoo.co.uk) - 14/12/2006 17:58:02

this is in reply to steve connor orpington I just wanted to know if that tyer shop on lordship lane was called Hogan Bros.
nova hogan (birmingham, UK: caleb4me2003@yahoo.co.uk) - 14/12/2006 17:32:31

hi i lived in dulwich from 1949 to 1976 i lived in silvester rd my wife a local girl lived in landcroft rd we both went to heber rd school and my first job was in a tyre shop in lordship lane.Dulwich was a truly lovley place to live.I only moved away from the area because of the house prices i would love to move back someday.
steve connor (orpington kent, england: stephengrg6@aol.com) - 06/11/2006 19:28:58

ART EXHIBITION OPENING NIGHT On Thursday 9th November i will be holding an opening night to an exhibition showing my work in The Railway next to Tulse Hill station. The evenings starts at 7pm and will be filled with live artwork, live music, drinks and nibbles! My work consists of tonal printmaking, drawings and mixed media. All are welcome upstairs at the Railway on the 9th.
Isobel Lambie (Dulwich, United Kingdom: ialambie@hotmail.com) - 06/11/2006 15:01:45

East Dulwich now has it's own MySpace! Help, infomation, news, advice, rumor, quesions, concerns anything you can think of. Its for anyone and everyone. What do you have to do? If your new to MySpace you'll have to sign up at MYSPACEdotCOM. Then you will have to add East Dulwich as a friend Then once you've done that you will be free to add a comment for all to see If you have any questions or suggestions send them here send us a message C. =) It's early days yet, but it has massive potential! See you in there!!!
Chris Bowen (East Dulwich, UK: Chris@ChrisBowen.com) - 28/09/2006 09:22:50

Re Highlands - there's a house near the Dulwich Wood Tavern - it's set well back from the road, in a wooded area with a driveway. I was there for a function many years ago - it is quite grand (Belair style) could that be the one?
sonya (dulwich, UK: sonyamcgilchrist@btconnect.com) - 21/09/2006 11:12:04

Hi, anyone know a reasonably priced builder (to do structural works like removing supporting walls) that they would reccommend? Any help gratefully received!
sonya (dulwich, UK: sonyamcgilchrist@btconnect.com) - 21/09/2006 11:07:02

The East Dulwich Forum is live, to go there please search for 'East Dulwich Forum' on Google. The forum is free, so please use it to chat, source, discuss or just have a good gossip...
mark (East Dulwich, England: markc@eastdulwichforum.co.uk) - 18/09/2006 10:59:11

HI I am thinking of buying a house in Peckham Rye (just off Goose Green). Is there a difference in SE15 house prices when the house is immediately bordering SE22? The agents say not ...but they would - wouldn't they. Thanks
Richard (Warwick, UK: rich.reade@virgin.net) - 14/09/2006 15:00:17

Peckham Panthers childrens rugby club will be starting regular Sunday morning practices again from 10:30am Sunday 10th September. We coach tag and contact rugby for children in years 2,3,4,5 and 6. We'd love to see some new faces. Check out the website at peckhampanthersrfc dot co dot uk
Mike (London, England: cookwatty@btopenworld.com) - 06/09/2006 09:20:45

Great site, lots of handy info! I have just set up a blog for East Dulwich. Please link to it and keep it alive! I'm going to add a link to your site now. It's eastdulwichlife on blogspot dot com
East Dulwich Life (East Dulwich, UK: eastdulwichlife@yahoo.co.uk) - 25/08/2006 08:45:59

Hi Gemma I also live close to Mulberry Close I cant understand what your concerns are . Mulberry close is a quiet gated family dominated close .I cant see any problems . It is nicely situated for lordship lane dulwich and peckhma rye parks and buses to central london/croydon - you could do worse . hope this helps - jenny
JENNY (london , uk: jennyreid999@yahoo.co.uk) - 24/08/2006 08:01:01

Hi, I am thinking of buying a house near Abbotswood road.It seems a nice area and well located between sainsbury and the train station.I am however fairly new to east dulwich and wonder what your thoughts are of this area? Is there anything in particular i should be looking out for? Any comments will be appreciated. Thanks!
Rupe (east dulwich, uk: smileagain@doctors.org.uk) - 12/08/2006 00:10:38

I thoughts I'd take the opportuunity to introduce the three local councillors for the area. The Lordship Lane area is covered by the East Dulwich ward. We are all Liberal Democrats and details of how to contact us are below and in the council section of this site. I have set up a blog with news of my work as a local councillor at richardthomas.org.uk. If you have any issues you think we can help with then get in touch! Richard. Local Councillors: East Dulwich Ward There are three councillors: James Barber, Jonathan Mitchell and Richard Thomas - all Liberal Democrat members. James Barber james.barber@southwar k.gov.uk Tel 020 7733 0941 or 07903 964 130 Jonathan Mitchell jonathan.mitchel l@southwark.gov.uk Tel 07903 967 911 Richard Thomas richard.thomas@sout hwark.gov.uk richardthomas.org.uk Tel 020 7525 7367 Surgery Details: All surgeries are shared between all three East Dulwich councillors. 7-8pm, second and fourth Thursdays of every month, Alleyn Community Centre, Darrell Road, SE22 9NL.
Cllr Richard Thomas (London, UK: richard.thomas@southwark.gov.uk) - 02/08/2006 09:48:38

There is another rumour on Lordship lane that Marks and Spencers are coming here.On the Walsh glazing site!Mr Walsh wont confirm or deny!!!!!Although it is the elusive Mr parkhill estates who now owns the site,as well as the building next door to celestial. Watch this space.
Monica Mcsherry (East Dulwich, Uk: Monica.mcsherry@yahoo.co.uk) - 15/07/2006 19:44:02

Dear Sue Have you found your vegetarian caterer yet?If not pop into healthmatters on lordship lane and ask for me monica.I Have catered in the past for vegetarians and i am interested in getting back into outside catering.Let me know if you are interested Monica
Monica Mcsherry (East Dulwich, uk: monica.mcsherry@yahoo.co.uk) - 15/07/2006 19:33:34

The 'Save the Onions' Campaign - wood like to answer the passage in the last editionof the South London Press; Further to your article's invitation to write with comments of last weeks article and on the proposed demolition at Dulwich Hospital. It would seem that you have spoken to various people except the campaigners. ------------------------ 'Save the Onions' campaigners are infact fully supportive of the development of modern medical facilities at the Dulwich site. We are not proposing that the old wards be reused, we are simply asking that the four front towers be incorporated as part of the facade of any new building to maintain the historic appearance of this area's skyline. It's important to point out here that the Southwark PCT only intend to use the areas where the self-supporting Towers currently stand for landscaping, so this option which the PCT has not investigated would not interfere with the core plans for any new facilities. This approach of combining historic facade elements, the best of the old with the new, is standard good practice across London and affords exciting architectural opportunities. We are simply asking that this and similar options are given proper consideration, as the PCT has no expectation of going to planning until next year with the likelihood that no construction work will even start on site at the earliest for another year after that, this really isn't much to ask. Local people should be aware that we could be simply left for years to come with a boarded-up empty building site. The PCT also has not managed to secure any funding for the proposed new hospital at this time, so the premature loss of the front unique onion domed towers is completely needless, especially as there are no guarantees that the PCT can build anything by 2010 in their place. In ignoring most reasonable requests of this nature, the PCT is operating in direct contradiction to Southwark's well considered Planning Brief for the site as well as the new 'Southwark Plan', both of which require on behalf of the public the retention of key historic and cultural elements. As this can be achieved without hindering any new hospital, the current position of the PCT is directly at odds with the public's ' REASONABLE EXPECTATION' of best management of a public body who hold in stewardship our public buildings and assets. ------------------------ I have include a copyright free photo of the Towers, as you only had a shot of the central Chateau building in your last article. Thank you for your kind attention in regard to this most important local matter. Yours sincerely, Martin Wespestad. Coordinator 'Save the Onions' campaign. IF YOU SUPPORT OUR CAMPAIGN. PLEASE LOBBY YOU LOCAL COUNCILLORS - YOUR MP AND HEAD OF SOUTHWARK COUNCIL TO BRING PRESSURE ON THE PCT TO ACT RESPONSIBLY WITH OUR PUBLIC BUILDINGS AND ASSETS - THAT THEY ONLY HOLD IN TRUST IN OUR / YOUR NAME.
martin (Dulwich, Dulwich: m7post@yahoo.co.uk) - 12/07/2006 14:10:37

Its such a stunning building... Soon East Dulwich will look like just any London suburb. The towers can be seen from all around ED and Camberwell - why get rid of them?? I definitely support keeping the towers and main frontage - I understand this can be done without compromising the new health facilities planned so what's the problem? Probably silly NHS bureucracy as usual... When will the government start listening to what the people want rather than just forcing their plans on us - apparently there's no planning permission for the new community hospital so we'll be left staring at a demolished building site while they scramble around trying to raise th £35million needed! Its sheer madness. Its going to ruin a lovely part of East Dulwich which is really sad
Kate (East Dulwich, UK: katewills@wanadoo.co.uk) - 10/07/2006 13:52:56

I can't belive they are demolishing the towers! It will spoil the whole building and it would be a wasted opportunity to use the space for Dulwich residents and the community - I've heard talk about a gallery for modern art or a local learning centre - these are fantastic ideas!!
Claire (Dulwich, UK: cso76@hotmail.com) - 08/07/2006 23:33:48

DULWICH HOSPITAL DEMOLITION due in the next 2 weeks, - SAVE THE ONIONS ! Southwark Primary Care Trust (PCT) is intending to demolish the entire eastern or right hand wing of the hospital within days, with the loss of our unique landmark and famous 'onion’ dome towers. The PCT plans to go ahead with this despite petitions from local people, against the planning brief for the site and the spirit of the UDP or Southwark Plan written by our council. The Dulwich Community Council has twice asked on our behalf that the heritage and historic features be given better consideration and protection. The PCT has failed though to react to this. If the eastern wing is demolished, towers and all, will it be only a matter of time before the entire site is needlessly levelled? The PCT needs to be held to account and reflect the views of local people. The PCT is after all a public body holding our public assets in 'TRUST’ . We are simply asking the demolition be DELAYED so that the alternatives to the burnt earth approach can receive proper consideration. The PCT isn’t even likely to go to planning till next year, funding for the new building is not yet in place and construction could still be years away, so this is not too much to ask. Postponement of the hasty and needless demolition would allow us time to raise money (through various grants, e.g. regeneration grants, lottery, etc) as well as time for all options to receive proper consideration. The Front towers could be incorporated into the new structures - a great architectural opportunity or alternatively developed as a pair of independent pavilions for community use. Such facilities could provide space for social, arts, educational and all sorts of greatly needed community services and activities. Our plans would NOT interfere with any new planned health facilities. From the information provide by the PCT to date, the front towers, due for needless destruction, are only in an area planned for landscaping. We are asking that towers, at a minimum, be retained to protect the character of our historic area. Please show your support by signing the petition on the reverse of this poster. As time is very short, You may wish to write to your MP to ask her to hold the PCT to account to local views. - Tessa Jowell jowellt at parliament.uk - as well of course as you local councilors. !! SAVE THE ONIONS !!
Martin Wespestad (Dulwich, UK: m7post@yahoo.co.uk) - 06/07/2006 12:05:27

I am working with Southwark Council to try to get the paddling pool at Peckham Rye Park renovated (it's been derelict for years and is a real eyesore). The proposal is to put in water jets that come on and off which children can run through (there is something similar at Brockwell Park). It would be a nice safe play area and would add to facilities in our area really well. The water would be recycled I hasten to add - important given the current situation. And if a drought order was in place the facility would be turned off. I have started up a petition and would ask that as many Soutwark residents as possible sign up. If you feel you could collect some signatures for me I can send blank copies of the petition to you by post, or email over if you have a colour printer. Please email me at amandaj.dilnot@virgin.net with your name and address. Thanks. Many thanks.
Amanda Dilnot (Nunhead, UK: amandaj.dilnot@virgin.net) - 21/06/2006 15:09:55

Whilst I agree with most of the comments on Cafe Nero and M&S coming to Lordship Lane I am in favour of it. I don't want to lose the local cafe's and grocers as they add charm and character to the area and to a sense of community spirit when you know people by name and know you are supporting their business. However there is after all an Iceland in the High St and I for one would mauch rather see M&S in it's place selling nice, quality food then the tat and nasty cheap rubbish that Iceland produces. I think when you see Iceland on a high street you automatically think the rest of the shops aren't going to be worth bothering with. It seems that where cheap supermarkets are then there's a chance the rest of the shops will be of the same quality.
Clare Shaw (East Dulwich, UK: clarejshaw@yahoo.co.uk) - 21/06/2006 08:12:29

Great news about the towers! It is really heart warming to see the Save the Onions campaign doing something proactive. You have my support 100% We can make a change!
sue (east dulwich, England: family.felts@virgin.net) - 20/06/2006 11:41:32

Those who protest to Cafe Nero and M&S setting up shop in Lordship Lane were, obviously, not around when the area was not as appealing as it is today - minus the trendy new specialist shops etc. Why don't these people protest about the many bars and restaurants that have sprung up all over the place, instead?
Tina Kemran (london, United Kingdom: Tinakemran@hotmail.com) - 14/06/2006 15:10:52

Can anyone recommend a good local vegetarian caterer. I need someone to provide food for around 50 people in July and would like good quality fresh food (and lots of salads). Any advice would be very welcome.
Sue (Herne Hill , England: suedurrant@hotmail.co.uk) - 14/06/2006 09:42:31

Further to issue of the Towers of Dulwich Hospital. Indeed they are due to be demolished, the eastern four to start with at least, even though they stand on an area which the PCT only intends to use for some landscaping. We, Save the Onions campaign, are and have been battling for some time to prevent this needless loss of these character and skyline defining elements of our historic area of Dulwich. There is a small chink of light on the matter if we can act fast. The PCT have conceded that their retention would not interfere with the layout of their planed facilities. That said they are not prepared to spend any money toward their retention / development. Perhaps there is a just chance if we can gather enough enthusiasm expertise and funding, to turn the two sets of towers in a pair of pavilions to house facilities for local services and community uses, a Dulwich Picture gallery Modern perhaps. We will though need to act very quickly to produce a coherent plan to fully persuade the PCT to play ball before the bulldozers roll. If anyone can offer assistance in helping save this important element of local environment please contact us. We need people with expertise in structural engineering, fund raising and experience / track record in applying for lottery and alike funding. Contact Martin on m7post at yahoo Thanks.
Martin W. (Dulwich, UK: m7post@yahoo.co.uk) - 12/06/2006 15:52:43

Cafe Nero and M&S I think its a real shame the Cafe Nero's and M&S chains are moving in to Lordship Lane. Its fine to think oh well its only a coffee shop or a small 'simply Food' store but this is just the start of the problem. It paves the way for many others to follow and this is very sad indeed. There are some great little cafes on Lordship Lane and I would ask potential customers of such chains to be daring and try something different other than your skinny, decaff lattes and do something that actually supports local business and contributes to the community spirit. I have only just moved to East Dulwich / Lordship Lane and love it and I do because its not just like every other High St in the UK- you can make a difference to the look and feel of the place as an individual so why not give it a go??
Noel (East Dulwich, England: wheresnoel@hotmail.com) - 08/06/2006 13:36:43

Dulwich Bel Air 4th June 2006: Although I was parked some distance away, I noticed that parking attendants were busy distributing parking tickets to cars partly parked on the pavement the nearer I got to Bel Air park, where a steam fair and three cricket matches were taking place. Whilst recognising that normally cars parked on the kerb can be hazardous to pedestrians, it seems to me that the owners of these cars were being public spirited in that their purpose was to prevent the road getting gridlocked and thereby saving the council and the police time and money. The approach of the traffic wardens strikes me as unimaginative at best and bloody minded at worst. With an event taking place in the park the Council should either have coned one side of the road or left well alone.
Steve French (London, UK: steve@stevefrench.co.uk) - 06/06/2006 18:31:22

REUNION WW1 BATTLEFIELD TOURS DID YOU KNOW THAT THIS YEAR COMMEMERATES THE 90TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE BATTLE OF THE SOMME? On the 15th September 1916, 550 men and 19 officers of the 1/21st Battalion the First Surrey Rifles attacked High Wood, an hour later 60 men were left standing. (High wood barracks was built to honor these men) JOIN US FOR A WEEKEND TOUR AS WE REMEMBER OUR MEN FROM DULWICH 15th September 2006 Battlefield Tour SOMME, YPRES (WIPERS), VIMY RIDGE HOW MUCH IS THE TOUR? THE PRICE OF 190.00 INCLUDES RETURN COACH AND FERRY TRAVEL, 2 NIGHTS B&B IN LILLE AND 3 DAYS OF EXCURSIONS. THE TOUR WIIL DEPART DULWICH AM ON THE 15TH SEP AND RETURN ON THE EVENING OF THE 17TH. CONTACT DETAILS JASON CORNER 0208 693 7931 07884 162 033
Jason Corner (Dulwich, London: Tiger14-18@hotmail.co.uk) - 05/06/2006 13:41:37

Hi, Could anyone recommend a reliable and cheap cleaner- needed for a couple of hours a week? (East Dulwich area) Thanks
Lucia (East Dulwich, UK: luciabartolo@hotmail.com) - 27/05/2006 15:19:35

As far as I know, the M&S rumour has no basis in fact whatsoever. I asked in Iceland about it and they said that this branch is staying. Wishful thinking from some local estate agents I think.
James (East Dulwich, UK: jamesmc100@yahoo.co.uk) - 23/05/2006 17:23:52

Hello, Could someone tell me if there are buses going to Canary Wharf from East Dulwich? Many thanks, Caroline
Caroline (London, UK: carolinerety@yahoo.co.uk) - 20/05/2006 20:55:15

Hi I'm looking for a cheap labourer to dig out my garden and build a small wall - does anyone know any good and cheap? Thanks
vicky (Herne Hill, England: vicky.kell@gmail.com) - 17/05/2006 13:47:43

We live in a world of free speech and broad opinion,and its great to see the locals voice their opinion about local issues.There was a feeling of unrest and uncertainty when caffe nero opened up and a lot of people had claimed they would boycott the place.But the very same people who made the claim,use it and like the friendly service and the coffee.Caffe Nero are here to stay and i am happy they are.
Monica Mcsherry (Lordship Lane, uk: monica.mcsherry@yahoo.co.uk) - 01/05/2006 14:57:45

What do people think about the redevelopment of the old Dulwich Hospital on East Dulwich Grove? It seems such a shame to lose this fanastatic architecture. The 8 towers are being pulled down in a few months time and the site revamped. Such a shame to see those ornate domed towers go. I recently used them as reference for the film "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". They were the inspiration for the Nut Room!
sue (east dulwich, uk: family.felts@virgin.net) - 28/04/2006 16:44:38

I moved to the area about a year ago, and personally I am in favour of Caffe Nero and M&S on Lordship Lane - the area is beautiful with its victorian terraces, trees and way-out-of-london atmosphere. Town is just 15mins on the train and this area needs the good reputation its deserves - these new outlets will only help to do that in a commercial city like London. And as far as I can see, Nero's is a hit - full every day when I walk pass, or I'll admit - pop in for a take-out coffee!!! Lodship Lane itself is very independently run - these outlets will be popular but I'm sure local shops and restaurants have enough loyal customers! We should take these new outlets as a good sign for the area...and lets not forget Sainsbury's that is always just down the road from Nero's...and that was a selling-point from all the estate agents we spoke to. Things like this push house prices up but also make our area diverse - just because something is corporate owned it doesn't mean it doesn't have identity, offer a service and employ people in the local area. And Nero's is fair-trade...just some thoughts.
Anthony George (East Dulwich, London, UK: chillinatdabeach@hotmail.com) - 26/04/2006 14:08:34

I wanted some feedback on what people thought of this idea, whether it's something you would use.....when it comes to Christmas my family have always sent a lot of cards, as have my neigbours. I am planning to set up a company that delivers your cards by hand, which is always nice. This takes the hassle off your hands and you'd save money as it would be at a lower fee than 1st class stamps would cost.
Samantha (dulwich, uk: duwlich@hotmail.com) - 22/04/2006 18:47:43

Re Marks & Spencers. Apart from the fact that it is a shame to see Lordship Lane and the area as a whole losing it's individuality as big business moves in, Marks & Spencers should be boycotted because of their huge support for the apartheid state of Israel.
a campbell (London, UK: ajonpiet@ntlworld.com) - 21/04/2006 14:11:28

Hi All, I am the new Community Development officer at JAGs sports club and the first thing I want to do is set up some local evening classes using the facilities we have available. first though I need to know what you, the local people would like to learn, this could be anything from Italian to first aid, ball room dancing, or web site design. any suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks Eleni
Eleni (london, england: elenidelis@hotmail.co.uk) - 13/04/2006 11:39:21

I'm thinking of buying a house on Pellatt Road, but I'm worried there will be a lot of noise early in the morning from lorries coming and going from the post sorting office at the top. Does anyone live there who can reassure me it's not too bad? Thanks.
Helen (Greenwich, UK: helenmccormick@hotmail.com) - 12/04/2006 11:49:52

I think it is a real shame Cafe Nero has opened up a shop on Lordship Lane. I have just moved to the area, and one of the things that attracted me most of all was the diverse array of independent shops. Do we really want the high street to look like every other high street in Britain? Once the big chains move in rents will rise, and this will push other independent stores out of business. We can all make a difference by supporting our local shops and boycotting the big chains!
Jesse (East Dulwich, UK: jessbel100@hotmail.com) - 11/04/2006 13:46:56

I think having a M&S in Lordship lane is a great idea. I was born and still live in Dulwich, nearly 25 years and am proud to express this. Its about time East Dulwich was known from the great place it is with good shops.
Filiz (Dulwich, London: filiz.mustafa@btopenworld.com) - 11/04/2006 12:33:08

I was born in East Dulwich and have lived here since, im now 27. This is far longer than many people on this website complaining about Cafe Nero and M&S coming to Lordship lane! I remember the days when Lordship lane was nothing but a dump! Most of the shops were boarded and up and had fly posters all over them. I think it is execellent that we are now attracting these high street names...if gives us all a great choice in our shopping, saves us having to drive to Lewisham to go to M&S and lets us enjoy a decent latte on the way to work!!
Farhan (East Dulwich, England: farhan654@hotmail.com) - 04/04/2006 12:00:34

I have lived in East Dulwich since I was three, I am now 13, and I strongly disapprove of the major chain stores dominating Lordship Lane. First Cafe Nero, which i have decided to boycott and now apparently a M & S for food, we already have Somerfield and all the nice stores such as Cheese Block and SMBS foods. I hope others will understand and agree with my point
lily d (east dulwich!, england: lilipad24@hotmail.com) - 01/04/2006 14:42:31

Further to the issue of the removal of the northbound 4-7pm parking restrictions; - it's hoped that this will be done by the end of April. For those who wish to park / shop in during the am restrictions - there have now been provided on most of the side streets bays allowing 30 minutes parking - of course then after 10am you can park on northbound side of Lordship Lane it self. Support your local shops. Best wishes, Martin W.
Martin W. (Dulwich, London: m7post@yahoo.co.uk) - 30/03/2006 17:04:37

Hi there, I've recently moved to the area and I'm after a good quality but affordable carpenter (is there such a person?!) to construct some shelving, cabinets and a wardrobe. Is there anyone you could recommend? Many Thanks Alastair
Alastair Chell (East Dulwich, UK: achell@aldermanexecutive.com) - 16/03/2006 09:49:06

I recently discovered your website when a new customer informed me that we were listed. Thanks for listing us we are grateful.Just to let the locals know,the restrictions on the northbound buslane between 4pm and 7pm will be lifted shortly In a 1 year pilot. Watch this space for when it will happen. Marks and spencers are taking over the iceland site,What do locals think? Monica Mcsherry Healthmatters co-owner
Monica Mcsherry (East Dulwich, UK: monica.mcsherry@yahoo.co.uk) - 15/03/2006 16:04:10

Hi Michael If you're still looking for a carpenter, please call Chris at The Wood Work Company who is based in Herne Hill 07931 592 311. He has a web site (search Google for carpenters in Dulwich) and has built me a fitted wardrobe which you are quiet welcome to come and look at if you want regards Mark
Mark (East Dulwich, England: mark @ web37.co.uk) - 15/03/2006 15:56:04

The web site is currently undergoing some changes, and I'd appreciate your feedback. Please use this section to let me know your needs and opinions.
Steve French (London, UK: mail@lordshiplane.co.uk) - 09/03/2006 13:39:26

Im researching some family history and have come across a property named Highlands in Dulwich. This would appear to be a rather large detached property in substantial grounds with a wooded drive way and possibly a cottage named Highlands Cottage. This would be around the early 1900s. Would anyone have an idea where this could be? Many thanks
Annie (East Anglia, UK: JimJams@yahoo.co.uk) - 04/03/2006 11:14:59

It has been brought to my attention that there is a Café Nero being brought to East Dulwich. It seems that no residents were consulted on this and the obvious implications that it has on the area, in terms of retaining the East Dulwich’s individuality and avoiding the look of every other UK high street.
Chinedu Udezue (London, UK: Chinedu@digital-outlook.com) - 28/02/2006 18:02:16

I am a resident if East Dulwich and for sometime have been a little concerned about the lack of focus in the area. I have noted in particlar the apparent unfinished look of the roundabout at the junction of Grove Vale and Lordship Lane - the entrance to the "village" for all those coming down from London. At the moment the roundabout is surplanted by a metal column with nothing on it. How about replacing this with a village sign - similar to those that can be found in many villages in Norfolk. They are invariably carved in wood and marvellously painted and always embody images from local history, and we have enough of this in East Dulwich. If you think the idea worth cosidering then please let me know and give me a call 020 8693 - 6935 in the evenings.
Chris Leigh (London, UK: chris.leigh@Linklaters.com) - 21/02/2006 16:08:13

I am looking for a good carpenter to build / install a fitted wardrobe. Can anyone recommend one to me? Thanks!
Michael Cole (East Dulwich, United Kingdom: michael.cole@techet.co.uk) - 20/02/2006 08:58:33

Good site thank you. I will come back here sometimes
Andrew (NY, USA: miami@hotmail.com) - 29/01/2006 17:24:09

M I S S I N G Violet is a Tonkinese kitten / small cat She has cream fur with chocolate coloured ears, paws and tail & blue eyes and was wearing a purple collar. She was last seen in Bawdale Road on the evening of Friday 23 Dec. Violet is very playful and inquisitive (and therefore prone to getting shut in places she shouldn’t be!) but she will be missing her loving family and sister. If you have seen, or think you have seen her please call us on 020 8 516 4320.
Andy (East Dulwich, England: andy@buddell.co.uk) - 29/12/2005 18:45:48

Can anyone put me in touch with a good, non-rip-you-off carpenter in the area?
David (London, UK: david.mcilfatrick@btopenworld.com) - 06/12/2005 23:25:36

For your Plumbing needs I strogly recommend Peter Bennison 020 8299 1385/ 07788-412880 Reliable, knowledgeable, qualified, friendly and conscientious. I had a boiler service and 2 rads installed and am very happy See http://www.familiesonline.co.uk/ (article/view/397/1/45) for other local needs
Matthew (East Dulwich, UK: Omit@virgin.net ) - 03/10/2005 13:09:14

SMASH THE CPZ EXTENTION!!!] STOP THE STEAMROLLERING OF THIS UNJUST REGULATION!!!!! HALT THE CREEP OF SMALL MINDED LOCAL GOVERNMENT BUROCRATS!!!!! We do not need the CPZ boundaries to be changed. It will destroy LIVES. it will destroy BUINESSES.it will change th makeup of our WONDERFUL COSMOPOLITAN MULTI ETHNIC society for good. It will allow people to PARK IN FRONT DOOR, as I am on the wrong side of the CPZ revised boundary. I do not want CPZ refugees PARKING OUTSIDE MY DOOR.If you8 care about Peckham & East Dulwich, if you care about balance & fairness & most of all IF YOU CARE ABOUT NARROW MINDED PAROCHIAL SNOBS LIKE ME HAVING THE RIFF RAFF PARKING OUTSIDE MY EXPENSIVE OGLANDER ROAD HOUSE then please oppose the CPZ.
Jemima (Dulwich, UK: zolly@pottle.org) - 26/08/2005 13:46:43

Cleaning Help Wanted once a week in East Dulwich, approx 3 hours including some ironing. If you are interested and have good references, please contact us on the email address below.
Anna (East Dulwich, UK: anna_kihlberg@spray.se) - 16/08/2005 12:10:49

Re Mast - this is s popular cause & well supported locally -it isnt formal , so we have no contacts or chairmen or secretaries or treasurers - this is the whole community acting here - read the leaflet!
Ellen (London, UK: nomail@hotmail.com) - 18/06/2005 14:13:52

I Have just had a leaflet pushed through my door about the possibility of a Phone mast at the church on Goose Green - thats all very well, but who is behind this slightly creepy & oversensationalist note ? It bears no author or contact details, just a rather oversimplified Q&A section about Phone masts & possible dangers...Who are these people ? are they so scared of retribution of the must talked about but rarely seen Pro-Phone mast activists that they are unwilling to put their own contact details on the form & deliver them only at night ? or are they "regular church goers" who have happened to use this sunday ritual; to get their SO talented children into St Johns & St Clements school, but are afraid to upset the vicar who underwrote their application in the first place ? Strange for such obviously genuine & committed christians to be afraid to stand up for what they believe in? Do these people have mobiles ? have they ever used a Mobile phone ? have they ever dialled a Mobile number ? Obviously not - thats why they are SO opposed to the mast...... Maybe its OK to put masts in areas where the local residents are not verbose or educated enough to organise & oppose such a development ? If anyone does have contact details for the unnamed organisers of this mysterious campaign, I think it would appreciated by all........
Stevie (SE22, UK: steveib5@hotmail.com) - 17/06/2005 14:56:36

Some lovely photos of old East Dulwich and Peckham . http://uk.pg.photos.yahoo.com (/ph/ian_bunker/album?.dir=/f208)
Ian Bunker (East Dulwich , UK: ian.bunker@gmail.com) - 13/05/2005 19:19:10

Can anyone recommend a good electrician/plumber? I need an immersion heater replaced, which involves draining the tank?
Nick Chaple (E Dulwich, London: nix_address@yahoo.com) - 24/04/2005 20:37:15

anyone know a good plumber? is it a new urban myth - the polish plumber/builder etc?
Kay (peckham, uk: ) - 23/03/2005 16:16:44

I am looking for a single office to rent in the East Dulwich area - would need phone line and broadband access. Ready to move in ASAP Thanks - jimmyrichards47@hotmail.com
jimmy richards (London, uk: jimmyrichards47@hotmail.com) - 03/03/2005 12:53:26

Hi, I am currently looking for office space. Space for 1 - 2 desks and a medium sized printer should do. Ideally in the East Dulwich area. If anyone can help, I would be very grateful. Kind regards, Kevin.
K Reddyhoff (East Dulwich, UK: kevin@investment-sciences.com) - 11/01/2005 11:53:41

Does parking in London make your blood boil? Have you received a ticket, been clamped or even had your car towed away when you’ve actually parked completely legally? Or is it impossible to park outside your own house because of commuters using your street as the train station car park or to avoid the congestion charge? Are you, or were you, working as a parking attendant and want to set the record straight or tell of the abuse you suffered from an irate public? If you have any stories about parking in the ITV London region, please call 020 7737 8995 or email emma.gray@itv.com
Emma (London, UK: emma.gray@itv.com) - 07/01/2005 17:06:33

I am trying to find info on C.A. Tyndeman (aka. Ebenezer Alfred Tyndeman), A Baptist preacher ca. 1874 who wrote the hymn " I Have a Friend". Please e-mail any info you might have. Thanks in advance-John Morrical
John Morrical (Norman, USA: Morrical9@cox.net) - 25/11/2004 23:31:51

Hello, I am one of the three councillors who represent East Dulwich. I wanted to let people who use this site know that there are plans afoot from the council to redevelop the East Dulwich community centre on Darrell Road. You may not know the centre but it has been run by volunteers for over 20 years and is used by an excellent youth club, after school club, muslim council, nursery, residents assoc, weight watchers and lots of other things. It does need modernising as it is on old prefab building and the volunteers have for some time been trying to put a business plan together to raise lottery money etc. The trouble is that the council want to develop it by selling off the land and then putting housing on a lot of the site. We want to keep the whole site for community use and also be consulted on what is going on, which has not been happening. The volunteers are coming to speak to the full council meeting on wednesday 21st July and to the council exec on 27th July. If anyone would like to support the campaign please come to the town hall (on Peckham Road, Camberwell)around 6:30pm on wednesday. Volunteers will be outside with placards and then will come in and speak to the full council at around 7:30pm. Any questions please email me on sarah.welfare@southwark.gov.uk.
Sarah Welfare (East Dulwich , London : sarah.welfare@southwark.gov.uk) - 17/07/2004 12:57:21

Fantastic web site. Very informative and pleasing to the eye.
Patrick (Cheltenham, United Kingdom: patrick.branson@cheltenham.gov.uk) - 05/05/2004 14:16:26

If you want to get some trees planted near to where you live, or know of a place in SE22 that could do with some trees, just contact Mr Stutter at the council. You need to do it in writing. His address is Oliver Stutter, Environment and Leisure Dept, 151 Walworth Road, SE17 1RY It is best if you give a specific location and have chatted with neighbours about it first - get them to sign your letter too. However, the council will not plant trees anywhere they think is not suitable, so no need to worry. You can also suggest types of trees.
Treehugger (SE22, UK: princey@oink.co.uk) - 19/04/2004 07:41:53

Hello - I run an arts management business mostly working with music theatre and opera companies. I currently have an office in Clapham Junction but am becoming really bored of the commute - does anyone know of any office space available in the East Dulwich area - 2 desk space would do ....
Natalie Steed (East Dulwich, UK: natalie@se22.demon.co.uk) - 05/03/2004 11:51:52

Nice to see you guys have tidied up this section. Keep up the good work!
Liv Dorling (London, UK: livd@yahoo.com) - 24/02/2004 10:02:25

Matthew - It sounds good. Leave me your contact and I will be in touch. BTW, I think the message is getting thru. Believe me, it does work. It takes time, but if you politely ask them via an effectively-worded letter, they mostly take notice.
Name not given (SE22, UK: mail@lordshiplane.co.uk) - 18/02/2004 15:01:12

Name of furniture shop near station is Linwood and Searle
Matthew (East Dulwich, UK: mail@lordshiplane.co.uk) - 17/02/2004 15:01:11

Againts GraffitiI have tried asking Shops to tackle the graffitiMany are discouraged by the repeat offenses, and see it as a waste of time.This is a battle of attritionVandals must learn that it is a waste of paint, and moneyThe way to do that is to overpaint/remove graffitti ASAP.I propose a volunteer group to do the overpainting locally.Shops should supply the materials, we supply the labourIf there is any interest, we can have a meeting about it.How about it ???
Matthew (East Dulwich, UK: mail@lordshiplane.co.uk) - 16/02/2004 15:01:10

can anyone tell me the name and phone number of a newish shop that has opened on lordship lane. it sells a mixture of vintage furniture and new pieces. it is on the left hand side of the road going up to sainsburys. i.e. opposite the police station. is it called mrs robinsons or am i dreaming that. i was visiting se22 a few months ago and really liked their stuff and would like to contact the owner. thanks very much
Jenny (London, UK: rogers26@ntlworld.com) - 15/02/2004 15:01:09

Please can SE22 residents ask - politely - businesses that do nothing to clean their properties when vandals strike to deal with the problem. Explain that you are a customer, that tagging makes the place look unsightly, that it gives the impression that noone cares which in turn could lead others to further vandalise the property and others near it, which ultimately encourages crime. I have had some success with certain businesses, but others just don't get it. If more of us ask, the better the situation will be. I know we are all busy, and mostly rather reserved, but something must be done to stop people messing up our area. Please do your bit - it works!
Name not given (East Dulwich, UK: mail@lordshiplane.co.uk) - 14/02/2004 15:01:08

I live in the Goodrich/Dunstan's area, and burglars tried to get into my house last Thursday night, before 11pm. Even though the lights were on and the burglar alarm box was lit up, they still tried. Fortunately, the dead-lock stopped them. I'll have another fitted too. Beware!
Name not given (SE22, UK: mail@lordshiplane.co.uk) - 13/02/2004 15:01:07

At this time of year, you may find had delivered leaflets in your letterbox asking for old clothes etc & indicating that these donations will help poor people in Eastern Europe. This is a scam - the clothes are SOLD for a profit in E. Europe, the companies are NOT registered charities & the only people benefiting are the company directors ( despite whatever claims they make in small print about being "Affilitaed" or "Associated" with some charity or other). Please dont stop giving, but be very careful & make sure it is a registered charity & not a money making scam. PS - Please also DONT leave any bags etc outside charity shops on Lordship lane if the shop is closed - these donations are taken & sold by private individuals for their own pockets- also, make sure the shop is open when you drop stuff off. make sure the right people benefit - not the greedy ones
Concerned (London, UK: mail@lordshiplane.co.uk) - 12/02/2004 15:01:06

I am now in my mid fifties and although I now spend most of my time in South Africa, I grew up in Whateley Road. I was interested to read the comments about the mobile mast apparently located somewhere near the Uplands. Most people of my age will remember that the East Dulwich Police station was previously situated opposite the Uplands. For years after the war the station had a tall mast with a siren on top which I was told as a kid, had been used to sound air raid warnings. It's strange that a similar construction has now appeared just across the road.
Richard Beadle (Johannesburg, S Africa: cts1@telkomsa.net) - 11/02/2004 15:01:05