About lordshiplane.co.uk

This is the 12th year of your local site for East Dulwich, and we have had a complete re-vamp of the site. The core of the site is businesses in Lordship Lane, North Cross Road, Bellenden Road and the wider community. But we also feature small businesses, local news, events and much more.

The site is the brainchild of Steve French, who first moved to Pellatt Road in 1974, and has lived in the area for over 20 years the second time around. In the early days, the street was extremely run down: the only place Steve ended up going was the Magdala (now The Mag) where there was a regular head-banging evening for hard rock fans. But over the last 20 years a still-growing number of people realised how close to central London the area is, and how well served it is by parks and facilities such as the leisure centre, library and football club.

In fact, businesses are so keen on the area now that there was a time when we began to worry about a street packed with the usual suspects; Smiths, Superdrug, Currys, so that it would become like all the others. In a way, the lack of good parking has been a good thing for people, despite many complaints, as it attracts people who want something more individual and are prepared to walk to get there.

Steve is a web and database designer who originally used Lordship Lane as a way of learning new techniques in design, but using an area he loved to do so. It has not made much money itself, but with this new 2012 design, Steve hopes to get the support of businesses in this community to display their wares on the site with sponsored lisatings and custom-built pages.

Graphic design of the new site is by Eleanor French, who can be contacted at mail@lordshiplane.co.uk.

If you want to find out more about Steve, go to his web site at: www.stephenfrench.com where there are details of all his other projects in the not-for-profit sector.

Small Business Entry - £20 per year:

Suited to people without retail premises such as accountants, fitness trainers, babysitters, childminders, gardeners, builders and others who work from home offices.

Full Entry - £75 per year:

For those with premises on Lordship Lane, Grove Vale, North Cross Road, Bellenden Road or East Dulwich Road, you can submit information about your business and a web page will be created for you, including price list or menu, links as well as exterior and interior photos we will take for you.
Discounts available until end of June: 2 years (£120) and 3 years (£150)!