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We are very sorry to announce that we are putting up this domain and web site for sale. Due to upcoming changes in data protection, we needed businesses on the site to sign up and agree to their data being displayed on the site. We unfortunately did not reach our target and therefore we have to close. Thank you for your support since 2000. Steve French, Administrator.

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Flock and Herd

Mr Charlie Shaw
Flock and Herd
155 Bellenden Road
SE15 4DH

020 7635 7733

about us

We aim to provide the very best possible quality and range of produce enabling us to provide our customers with the best in taste, service and experience. Our small team of dedicated butchers all share this core belief. We believe in team development.Flock and Herd We continually invest in our staff to develop their skills, expertise and knowledge in butchery enabling us to work with whole carcasses and utilise the whole animal. We are proud of our achievements that have been recognised by customers and the trade alike. These include making ‘London’s Best Sausage’ (Jellied Eel), ‘Best Product Treacle Back Bacon– South of England’ (BPEX 2013).

We have searched for the best farmers and we work closely with them to guarantee the highest quality product. We regularly visit all our suppliers, who are based in and around the Home Counties. Being a small but growing butchery means that we can work closely with these passionate farmers and have built close personal relationships.

At the heart of everything we do is good animal husbandry and welfare. Many of the rare and heritage breed animals are reared using traditional free range farming methods are exclusive to Flock and Herd. Our wild game always comes from licensed suppliers.

Sourcing the very best and affordable produce, mixing traditional with modern butchering techniques and the desire to meet every customer's needs are what distinguish Flock and Herd Butchery.

opening times

Tuesday – Friday 9:00 to 18:00
Saturday – 8:00 to 16:00
Sunday & Monday – Closed

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